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Loyalty App

Method is responsible for creating the Loyalty App brand as well the platform that runs the entire service. The Loyalty App is a mobile application service that can accomodate different types of loyalty programs or can be used as a tool to alert  customers to daily specials and redeemable coupons.

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iCover Packaging

Responsible for all aspects of the packaging as well as all product pattern designs.

Giacomelli Contracting

We were asked to create the identity, website and auto decals for Giacomelli General Contracting. Giacomelli Contracting is a one stop shop for renovations and design consulting. Our angle was to create a brand that communicates the general contracting side of the business as well as showcasing the design services Giacomelli Contracting has to offer.

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Anglican Diocese of Quebec

The Anglican Diocese of Quebec needed a new website and identity. We walked them through our branding & identity exercise and build out an entire suite of materials. The solution for their website was to create a content management system due to their busy online presence: monthly newsletters, blog and various news articles.

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iPad App

This iPad app was created as a field tool for salesmen to sign up candidates on the spot for insurance plans as well as holding the necessary support material for the agent to get the job done.


Entourage Website

We worked with Entourage Search Strategies on building a website that would represent their business as well as their targeted demographic, who are professionals. We also helped create the social networking strategy that powers the online side of Entourage.

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Wedding Invite

This wedding invite was designed with a rustic angle in mind. The wedding took place in a space surrounded by a lot wood and natural elements.


Nat Lauzon Website

We were asked to create a site for radio announcer Nat Lauzon of Virgin 96. The results reflected her personality, which is warm , fun and entertaining. We are currently working on a mobile version of her website that will hold fun goodies for you to download to your phone.

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Typhoon Posters

Was asked to redesign the logo and create a series of happy hours posters to reflect the new look and vibe of the lounge.



Festival 699 is an annual short film fest made up of submissions that had a budget of next to nothing. It’s about having fun and creating something out of nothing so imagination and penny pinching craftiness is always evident.



CD Cover Artwork

Festival 699 ID & Website

Identity and website creation for Festival 699, which is a short film fest for people who don’t make short films.

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